GENERAL: I Hate to Disappoint

This one’s for those of you who found my blog looking for “naked pussy”

I would hate for you all to leave disappointed.

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  • First they tried to make Christianity cool, and that predictably failed. Now they're trying for badass, and it's just so painful to watch. 4 days ago
  • Plus, those things are always kind of condescending... 5 days ago
  • If you can't give me anything more solid than "an Indian proverb" or "an African tribe," I'm going to assume that it's just made up. 5 days ago
  • Give me hellfire and brimstone any day. Just keep me from these Junior-dance-committee Christians. 1 week ago
  • Before inviting anyone to an event, pause and consider: Does this person have a reason to attend? Does this person even go to your school? 1 week ago


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