By Michael

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a great many interests.  Issues of gender and sexuality, science fiction and fantasy, history and the study thereof, philosophy, comparative theology, atheism and skepticism, and video games, to name a few.  History enthusiasts might be annoyed with my indictments of theism, feminists might be bored by my endless fascination with the search for common threads through pre-christian religions, and so on and so forth.  In order to prevent needless frustration, I will put, either in the title, tags, or immediate beginning of every post, some statement of the general field that my posts will deal with.  For example, I might have posts entitled “Gender and Sexuality- National Organization for Marriage pisses me off,” or “History- What have the Romans ever done for us?!”

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  • Next time you want to send someone John 3:16, don't. Just don't. We've all heard it before, and hearing it again will not change our minds 6 days ago
  • Me: "I just want to see her and snuggle her and-" friend: "Have sex with her?" 1 week ago
  • It is upsetting to think that I am notable only for being a curiosity. 2 weeks ago
  • The trouble with much romantic advice is it assumes you don't already have someone in mind. 2 weeks ago
  • Based on "Smelt it/Dealt it" models, should we be concerned about Glenn Beck's insistence that everyone is a Nazi or fascist? 2 weeks ago


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