GENERAL: I Hate to Disappoint

This one’s for those of you who found my blog looking for “naked pussy”

I would hate for you all to leave disappointed.

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  • I don't hate things because other people like them. I come to resent and disdain things that I've grown sick of from overexposure. 1 day ago
  • Iran Paisley is dead. Erin go bragh. 3 days ago
  • Sometimes I'm looking through photos from Faire, and I think, "Does this guy take pictures of anything BUT teenage and 20-something girls?" 4 days ago
  • "Just read [Insert book here]!" Is not an argument. I'm not reading a whole damn book just because of some tool on the internet. 1 week ago
  • Wow, person who ignores me. So nice of you to ask me to "like" your new professional page... 1 week ago


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